CWS Durham welcomes refugees and immigrants from around the world into lives of freedom, hope, and opportunity in the Triangle. We work with community partners to educate the wider community, advocate for immigrant and refugee causes, and equip new refugees and immigrants for long-term success.

Refugee & Immigrant Services

Building a new life after years or sometimes decades of waiting takes deep courage, dedication and resilience. Our staff and volunteers work together to remove barriers and expand opportunity for refugees as they build their lives in North Carolina.

We provide support for refugees from the day they set foot at RDU airport, walking with them through their first day of school, their journey to meet their career goals, and their applications to reunite with their families or become U.S. citizens! We do this through empowerment-focused case management services, English classes, employment placement and training, and immigration legal services.

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Outreach & Advocacy

We provide leadership development and civic engagement opportunities for refugee and immigrant communities to equip refugee and immigrant leaders to frame the narrative around refugee resettlement and lead the way in advocacy and outreach.

Our goal is for everyone in our community to know who refugees are and the contributions they bring to the Triangle. We have so much to learn from our refugee neighbors, and we want to provide spaces and platforms where community learning can happen.

Learn about our advocacy work here.

Welcoming Communities

CWS began resettling refugees in 1946 when a group of congregations came together to respond to international need after World War II. The open hearts of American communities are still at the core of why we do refugee resettlement: almost 1,900 refugees have been resettled through CWS Durham in the past ten years with the support of volunteers, congregations, businesses, community organizations, and donors.

Do you or your congregation want to get involved with refugees and immigrants? Join us in building a stronger, more welcoming Triangle by volunteering, advocating, or giving to CWS Durham today!

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Immigration office:

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