Un Paso Más

A Campaign to Reunite Refugee Families

Un Paso Más is a fundraising campaign to help 82 kids from Central America reunite with their parents in the Triangle or renew their legal status in the U.S.  100% of funds raised will benefit CWS Durham’s Immigration Legal Services Program.

The phrase Un Paso Más translates to “One Step More.”  We chose this name for the campaign because these kids have just one more step on their journey to find safety and stability with their families here in our community.  The organizational cost for CWS to provide legal services to these families is $300 per child, for a total of $25,000. These critical legal resources will help ensure that all of these children will have access to the services they need to reunite or remain with their families in the U.S.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We hit our goal!
OUR GOAL: $25,000
82 kids have legal services! 100%

In 2017 the Trump administration abruptly terminated the Central American Minors (CAM) program, an Obama-era program that provided a safe and legal pathway for children from Central America to be reunited with their parents in the U.S.  This decision meant that 2,714 Central Americans who were already approved to enter the U.S. had their approval immediately revoked – some of whom had already bought plane tickets and were simply waiting to get on their flight.

After a long lawsuit with the administration, it was recently announced that the CAM program has been temporarily reopened for nearly 2,700 of those cases with prior approval to enter the U.S.  Of these reopened cases, 61 children are headed to North Carolina through CWS Durham. Additionally, 21 CAM children that had previously arrived in the Triangle on humanitarian parole are eligible to renew their legal status to remain in the U.S. lawfully.  Each of these 82 kids needs the help of immigration legal services to help them reach or retain a safe home here in the Triangle.

Refugee resettlement agencies like CWS Durham are the only agencies eligible to provide the necessary immigration legal services for CAM cases: this includes coordinating and submitting paperwork, following-up with government agencies, and assisting with travel plans.  CWS Durham has been working on CAM cases with the help of community partners since 2015 and we’re determined to help the families whose cases were closed in 2017 finish the reunification journey they started so many years ago!

The campaign is over, but you can still give to support refugees and immigrants in your community at www.cwsrdu.org/give!