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 Classes provided free of cost thanks to a grant from US Citizenship and Immigration Services


CWS Durham’s Immigration Legal Services program has served over 1,600 clients in the past year alone. CWS Durham has been recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals  (BIA) since 2011, and currently has four Department of Justice-Accredited staff members and one paralegal. We work hard to keep our fees accessible for all of our clients, and we’re proud to say that our clients have saved over $600,000 using our services versus private attorneys! 

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CWS Durham Immigration Legal Services is located at 520 S. Duke St., Durham NC, 27701. Please call 919-680-3585 to schedule an appointment.
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FAMILY REUNIFICATION: Some families are separated when a parent flees to a neighboring country, not wanting to risk bringing a spouse or children into a potentially dangerous future. Other times, very young or sick individuals are unable to make the journey. In many other cases separation is not a choice: the family’s village is attacked, and everyone scatters. In these situations and many others, CWS is able to provide assistance in restoring what has been torn apart –by helping refugees, immigrants and asylees to bring family members to join them in the United States. CWS represents immigrant, refugee, asylee family reunification cases, assisting family members after arrival in the U.S.

PERMANENT RESIDENCY: Although refugees enter the United States with a status that allows them to live and work here indefinitely, becoming lawful permanent residents and receiving “green cards” after living in the U.S. for one year is a milestone on their path to citizenship. CWS represents refugees and asylees in applications for permanent residency.

CITIZENSHIP: After years of fleeing violence and living in uncertain conditions, refugees arrive in America able to begin rebuilding their lives. Refugees and asylees are eligible to apply for citizenship after five years of permanent residency. Along with many other benefits, when refugees receive citizenship, they are spared an uncertain future – they finally have a place to call home. CWS represents basic citizenship cases and cases for elderly and disabled clients. We provide support for applicants to meet English and Civics requirements and help them to prepare for citizenship interviews. Sign up for Citizenship Classes here: