Case Management Services

CWS Durham’s case management team supports a refugee’s resettlement before they even arrive in the USA by helping to secure housing as soon as a refugee’s case is accepted for resettlement by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. We make sure that each refugee arrives in the Triangle to an apartment fully furnished with donated furniture, kitchen and bathroom items, linens, and bedding. We also provide groceries for their first few days in the U.S. and a warm meal to welcome them home from the airport.

Our case managers work hard to provide a smooth and supportive initial transition to life in the United States. We provide cultural orientations, connect new arrivals with community volunteers, and help refugees understand their bills, medical appointment results, and school and employment expectations.


CWS Durham offers two intensive case management programs to further support refugees after the initial resettlement period: the Matching Grant program and the Preferred Communities program.

The Matching Grant Program is a six-month employment program that provides intensive case management services to help clients achieve economic self-sufficiency. This program provides case management services, employment services, and financial assistance along with other useful resources, such as English as a Second Language courses and Job Readiness training.

The Preferred Communities program is a year-long intensive case management program that helps vulnerable refugees along the path to self-sufficiency by providing individually-tailored resources and connections to the wider community. Clients enrolled in the Preferred Communities program develop a personalized self-sufficiency plan to help them achieve their goals, whether that is navigating the U.S. healthcare system on their own or finding quality childcare for a new baby. The Preferred Communities program helps ensure that every refugee we serve is equipped to overcome barriers and navigate U.S. society independently.

These programs go beyond initial resettlement support to build the foundation for long-term economic and social self-sufficiency in the U.S.  That’s a win-win for everyone in our community!



As an arm of our strengths-based case management philosophy, we offer clients opportunities to engage in community service activities with partners around the Triangle. These service activities highlight a refugee’s ability to give back and use their skills in their new community!

Our clients regularly volunteer at several community partner locations, such as:

The Durham Bicycle Co-operative: a local volunteer-run bike co-op that helps new arrivals gain access to and knowledge about their own two wheels.

The Scrap Exchange: a Durham based creative reuse arts center

Habitat for Humanity: a national non-profit dedicated to building accessible housing for everyone and eliminating substandard housing in cities across the US