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Welcoming Afghans

Over the past month as the U.S. completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan, many Afghans in danger were evacuated. In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of Afghans will arrive in the United States.  They are fleeing retribution or persecution from the Taliban and have one goal: to live in safety. It is in our power to help them meet it.

The CWS network has worked with newly-arriving Afghans for years. But today we are facing an unprecedented number of new arrivals. Hundreds of people have already begun to arrive after being evacuated, and our experts are anticipating that at least 50,000 Afghans will arrive in the coming weeks. That’s more than the number of refugees from all over the world that the United States has welcomed in the last two years combined.

CWS Durham is preparing to welcome potentially hundreds of these newcomers to the Triangle and surrounding communities. As Afghans arrive, these families will need support with housing, legal assistance, case management, mental health support, medical care, employment and school enrollment. We cannot do this alone. These Afghans seeking safety will need funds, life-saving services, volunteers and community support.

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Here are a few ways your support could help a newly-arrived Afghan family


can provide a welcome meal for a family


can fill a pantry with groceries


can provide beds and bedding for a family of four


can provide a month's rent for a family

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Buy a Visa Gift Card for a Refugee Family

Visa Gift Cards allow families to buy urgent supplies, including food, work clothes, winter clothes, and toiletries. Consider supporting families in this way.

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