Faith Communities

CWS was founded in 1946 because American congregations felt called to welcome the stranger due to the immense international need for refuge after World War II. American communities are still at the heart of refugee resettlement and immigrant support; our office is blessed every day by faith communities who organize donation drives, furnish apartments, host fundraisers, and offer friendship and support for refugees from around the world who have made their home in Durham.
Your congregation can be a welcoming neighbor to newcomers as they rebuild their lives here.


Welcome Teams

CWS Durham partners with local congregations and community groups to set up apartments for newly-arrived refugees.

Welcome Teams are a hugely important part of welcoming new neighbors to the U.S. - also there is nothing quite so rewarding as creating someone's first home!

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Partners in Mission

We welcome faith partners who want to put their hands and hearts into the work of welcoming refugees to the Triangle! You can join our mission of welcome by:

Adding CWS Durham to your annual budget

Hosting a benefit concert or BBQ fundraiser with your small group or congregation to benefit local refugees through CWS

Holding a special offering during a service

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Faith Advocates

Faith traditions from around the world find experiences of migration and responsive hospitality throughout their sacred stories and practices. Some of us have experiences of migration and displacement in our own lives - for others, we learn solidarity and empathy for refugees through the holy stories and practices of our faith.

CWS Durham works closely with Triangle Interfaith Advocates for Refugees and Immigrants to draw on the diverse traditions of hospitality in our community and advocate together for the shared values that sit at the root of our faith traditions.

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