Resource Documents

Resource Documents for Specific Tasks:

Once you’ve signed on to become a volunteer with CWS, you’ll need some basic information on how to assist refugees on the road to self-sufficiency. The following documents give step-by-step instructions on how to help refugees with some of their first steps here in the United States. Feel free to print these out as needed!

  1. Arrival Meal
  2. Housing and Safety Orientation
  3. Applying for Social Security Card
  4. Applying for a North Carolina ID Card
  5. North Carolina ID Form
  6. Applying for  Food Stamps & Medicaid
  7. Activating EBT Card
  8. Initial Health Screening
  9. School Enrollment
  10. Applying for SSI Benefits

Grocery Lists

These lists will help you to know what to buy to stock the pantries for new arrivals from different regions. If you are providing groceries for a new client, please be sure to buy enough to last at least three days.

  1. Sub-SaharanAfricaGroceryList
  2. BhutanGroceryList
  3. MiddleEastGroceryList
  4. EastAsiaGroceryList

ESL Volunteer Lessons:

Are you an English Conversation partner looking for something new to work on with a client? Here are a few suggestions from our ESL department.

  1. Alphabet_Phonics.ESLlesson – a very basic beginner’s lesson covering identifying, sounding out, and writing the English alphabet
  2. ESL.lesson1.1  – an introduction to greetings and jobs
  3. ESL.lessons1.2 – learn time and scheduling
  4. ESL.lesson2.1 – help students navigate language pertaining to doctor’s appointments and the body
  5. ESL.lesson2.2 – language lesson pertaining to families
  6. ESL.lesson3.1 – language lesson pertaining to paying bills

Volunteer Orientation Documents:

Would you like to share what you learned at orientation with friends and family? Feel free to share these documents as a simple way of raising awareness about CWS and our work to welcome refugees to the Triangle.

  1. CWS Brochure
  2. The Refugee’s Journey to the United States
  3. CWS Immigration and Refugee Program of RDU
  4. 4 Key Philosophies of Church World Service
  5. Church World Service Support
  6. Case Note Instructions
  7. Apartment Furnishings List
  8. Tips for Communicating with English Language Learners
  9. Tips for Volunteers
  10. Empowerment in Action 
  11. Volunteer Commitment Form: You’ll sign this document when you come to do an orientation session
  12. Volunteer Orientation : This is the basic information we distribute on the refugee resettlement process at our orientation

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