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Dinner with Friends

Refugees arrive to CWS in the Triangle to begin new lives of peace and hope after fleeing their homelands due to fear of persecution.  They come with the hope of making friends, building new relationships, and settling in to Durham as a new home. This is why Church World Service is proud to present Dinner with Friends.

Here’s how it works:

You invite a large group of friends over to take part in a community meal. The meal experience, planned and cooked up by a new arrival to our office, is a time and space for our clients to explain the meal. They are able to share not only about personally traditional foods, but also about their culture, joys, and future goals. This series of meal-sharing events taps into the culinary passions, life experiences, and cultural norms of refugees hoping to connect and build new relationships. It provides Durham locals with the opportunity to learn recipes and unfamiliar foodways, to connect with new arrivals, raise awareness of refugee resettlement in the area, and support a new friend during a time of great transition! What better way to build community and make new friends than over a warm meal?

Ask us how you can host a Dinner with Friends! Please contact Community Resource Coordinator Jourdi Bosley at for more information.

For one of our most recent Dinner With Friends events, we had an  Arabic dinner of Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Jajik (cucumber/yogurt salad), Arabic Salad, and a rice dish called Koozi.

Housewarming Parties for Refugees

Are you interested in hosting an event to raise awareness about refugees in the Triangle? One great way to do this is to throw a Housewarming Party. At this event, you’ll be able to share information about refugees, the work that CWS does to assist with resettlement, and encourage your friends and neighbors to welcome our newest neighbors to the community.

For a more detailed explanation of the event click here.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, call our office to speak with Jourdi, our Community Resource Coordinator. She will be happy to talk with you about party logistics and the information and materials you will need.

Once you’ve gotten started, here a few templates for party invitations that you can print: