Cosponsors (groups from local faith communities, academic institutions, businesses and civic clubs) are key players in the process of welcoming refugees  to the Triangle. These groups of 6-10 individuals commit to assist a specific family with the process of transitioning into a new life here in NC.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas as you explore the possibility of co-sponsorship.

007 (1)Gather a Team:

  1. Why Co-Sponsor?
  2. How Co-Sponsorship Works
  3. Church Bulletin Blurbs
  4. The Co-Sponsorship team
  5. Sample Team Covenant


  1. What To Expect as a Co-Sponsor
  2. Co-Sponsor Orientation Packet
  3. Apartment Furnishings List
  4. Declining Model of Support
  5. Arrival Calendar
  6. Healthy Boundaries


  1. Airport Reception, Arrival Meal, and Housing and Safety Orientation
  2. Applying for Social Security Card
  3. Apply for North Carolina ID
  4. North Carolina ID Form
  5. Applying for  Food Stamps & Medicaid
  6. Activating and EBT Card
  7. Initial Health screening
  8. School Enrollment
  9. Applying for SSI Benefits


  1. Why Hire Refugees
  2. Matching Grant Information
  3. Finances
  4. Health/Nutrition Info