2 CWS-es in Durham?

Church World Service as an international organization has 3 main program areas:
– Small, self-help development programs in 50 countries world-wide
– Emergency Response Program (ERP) which response to natural and man-made disasters domestically and globally
– Immigration and Refugee Program (IRP) that resettles refugees in the
United States, and addresses immigration issues here.
The funding for these programs comes from various sources:
– IRP (Immigration and Refugee Program) gets 95+% of its funding from US Government Refugee Resettlement
– ERP (Emergency Response Program) gets its funding primarily from individual, corporate and church donations and some FEMA funds.
– The small, self-help development programs are funded in most part by
donations raised from individuals, congregations, and inter-faith,
community-based walk-a-thons called CROP Hunger Walks.

In North Carolina CWS has had a Resource Development Department (RDD)
Office in Durham, NC since 1978. It is located at 1006 Lamond Ave. It is
tasked with fund-raising (primarily through the CROP Hunger Walks,
Congregational Gifts, Collection of Hygiene Kits,, School Kits, and
Clean-up Buckets. Up until 2010 it was the only CWS office in the
Carolinas. What was from 1978 to 2010 an NC/SC funds development office,
is now a Southeast USA funds-development office covering an 8 state area in
the Southeast USA – from Virginia and Tennessee in the north, to Alabama
and Florida in the south.

In 2010 two Immigration and Refugee Program offices were opened in NC; one
in Durham, NC at 112 S. Duke St, and the other in Greensboro,NC at 620 S.
Elm St. These two office are engaged in direct service work – that of
resettling newly arrived refugees.


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