In celebration of World Refugee Day, the CWS Immigration and Refugee Program is partnering with an independent curator Adrian Schlesinger to host an art show titled  Home is in You.  The show will open on June 15, 2012 from 7-10 PM in conjunction with Third Friday Durham and be held in downtown Durham’s Golden Belt district at The Carrack Modern Art Gallery.

Adrian Schlesinger has volunteered to create a show to acknowledge the efforts of CWS in the community.  Home is in you is intended to reflect the “home” and “refuge” that we create for ourselves within our imaginations when we have little or no control over the external circumstances in our lives and when we channel our creative work.  Home is in You will explore conceptual and aesthetic representations of refuge, home and fantasy.

The show features a collection of new works by Wilmington based painter, Wendy Kowalski, as well individual works by local artists. Participating artists have agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to Church World Service, in support of the refugees we are welcoming into the Triangle.

Many thanks to Adrian Schlessinger and Wendy Kowalski for all of their hard work in putting on this incredible event to support refugees here in the Triangle.

Please join us in celebration of World Refugee Day at The Carrack Art Gallery for the open night of Home is in you

Opening: 3rd Friday, June 15, 2012 7-10 pm

 On Display: 2-5pm Saturday June 16 & Sunday June 17

The Carrack Modern Art Gallery 111 West Parish St. Durham, NC