Is a Green Card Even Green?

Q. Is a Green Card Green?

A. Some green cards are pink. Some are an off white color with a bit of green on them. And the very newest ones, which USCIS began issuing in May, 2010, have the most green seen on a so-called “green card” since the mid-1950’s, when “Permanent Resident Cards,” as the documents are officially known, began being issued. The ‘50’s version was actually green,  hence the nickname. Here’s a picture of the redesigned card:

Q. Where Can a Refugee Get Help Applying for Her Green Card?
Church World Service offers BIA Recognized immigration legal services for refugees seeking assistance with applying for their green cards, as well as citizenship and family reunification. Call today to schedule an appointment: 919-680-4310

This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Consult with a BIA Accredited Representative or an attorney specializing in immigration law prior to making any application for immigration benefits.

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